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NetNameNow can help you build a great value website for your Business, Club, Organisation or Family.

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Are you ever confused about the steps involved in building a website ?

From choosing an appropriate domain name for the web, to building and maintaining a suitable website for your needs, we are here to help you.

You may be wanting someone to deal with the whole "building a web presence" thing - you want a web site, but are not looking to develop it yourself. If this is the case, we can help you with our design service.

Alternatively, you may just be looking to register a name (web address) or are just looking for a good web hosting provider, and you are keen to do the rest yourself. We can help you with these areas too.

There are basically FOUR main steps involved in developing a web presence.

1. Name Registration The first step is to choose and purchase a domain name for your site, otherwise known as 'your web address' or 'your URL'. You can find out more about domain names and purchasing them from this site. We not only offer the ability to register the common Top Level Domain names with great value registrars - direct from this site - but also provide a registrar for more descriptive names like .arts , .shop , .family or .travel that could make your web address better fit your website.

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2. Website hosting As well as purchasing a domain name, web hosting will also need to be arranged. For most applications, this is effectively space on a shared server where your web pages are stored. Often, hosting is payable on annual terms, although multiple years hosting can sometimes be paid for in a lump sum. Web hosting plans vary, to suit a client's needs.

Often, you can combine Name Registration with Web Hosting. To find out more on a combined solution, click here.
To order just web hosting click here.


3. Website Design Obviously, designs and content are unique, and clients require different functionality. You may wish to design content yourself, or have someone to help you get started. NetNameNow can offer general advice, or - if you need more - we can provide a full design service covering all the steps outlined here - everything from basic to complex web designs, and ongoing development, as required by you.

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4. Website Listing Following the first three steps will certainly give you a web presence, but this fourth step will drive visitors to your site, thus making it more effective. Essentially, submission of your website URL to main search engines e.g. Google, is straightforward, but to gain a good ranking takes further effort.

To find out more on Search Engines, click here.


Throughout this site we have indicated prices for services based upon our own or our affiliates' pricing pattern - this is usually in UK pounds sterling or US dollars. We have introduced an option to convert prices shown into your local currency using a currency converter pop-up from the appropriate web page (full web design, domain names, hosting or search engines).

Terms and Conditions

NetNameNow provides free advice from this website for building a web presence. Additionally, we offer you the ability to purchase the essential components needed to build a web presence - through domain registrars, hosting providers and web designers.
Where these services are provided by our recommended affiliates, NetNameNow shall not be liable for any variation in the service offered or price package described on this site to that determined by the affiliate at your point of order. Our affiliates are bone-fide suppliers with many years experience. Additionally, we ask you to review the terms and conditions of our affiliates' offerings at the time of ordering, to which you will be bound.

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We have example sites available, built utilising NetNameNow partners, for example, see www.eclipse.travel for information on eclipses and travel.






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