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Domain names are used to identify sites on the world wide web. Today, millions of domain names have been registered meaning many common names are already in use and cannot simply be taken by another user. However, to keep pace with the demand for domain names, more and more domain suffixes are being introduced, Contd. Expand Here .

Choosing a name

If you're buying a domain name for a business, you'll probably want to try to get your company name or a variation of it. You might also look for a domain name that describes the products or services you offer.

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When a domain name is in use

You may be in the situation of requiring a particular domain name. If this is the case, and it has already been taken by another user, we may still be able to negotiate the transfer of the name to your control.

Click here to email us and request our help when a domain name is already in use. We can assist with negotiating transfers of domain names. We also have several domain names under our control for sale from UK 50, including one year's registration.

A few words on hosting

To access any web pages for the domain, you'll need a hosting provider. Each of our registrar affiliates include (for free) the ability to host at least a basic page as part of the deal, however, for greater flexibility for your web site we strongly recommend that you use our combined packages, which start at just 12 per annum. For this, please use the relevant link towards the bottom of this page (middle option).

Copyright and Trademarked Names

Before registering a domain name, you should ensure that the name you choose is not already in use. This is usually done by the registrar as a search when you request the domain name. Additionally, you should be aware that if you register an existing trademarked or copyright name, you may be approached by the legal owner of the name and asked to relinquish ownership.

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Getting Your Domain Name

NetNameNow enables you to check and then register domain names at great value prices through our affiliated registrars. We have researched the options for you, and now present you with a quick, cheap and efficient way to register your unique domain name on the internet - at the click of a mouse. We believe the options below give you the widest choice and the best value for domain name registration available today, bearing in mind the range of services included in the price.

Simply choose the option below that best meets your particular needs.



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