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Web Hosting - Quick Links Page

If you wish to order both a domain name and web hosting as a combined package, please go to our
Name and Hosting Packages Page.

Please click on each plan, for a detailed description. To order a Plan, see section below.

1. STARTER HOSTING PACKAGE. from GB£12 per annum* (excl VAT). Hosting undertaken in UK.

2. BARGAIN PLAN. from GB£19 per annum (excl VAT). Hosting undertaken in UK.

3. ADVANCED PERSONAL PLAN. US$60 per annum , Hosting undertaken in Hong Kong or USA.

4. E-BUSINESS COMMERCIAL 1 PLAN. from GB£43.20 per annum (excl VAT). Hosting undertaken in UK.

5. ADVANCED BUSINESS PLAN. US$120 per annum. Hosting undertaken in Hong Kong or USA

* a minimum 2 year term required for this plan.


If you wish to order either the Advanced Personal Plan (3) or the Advanced Business Plan (5), you can do this by following instructions and banner link given below.

All other plans should be ordered (at present) by clicking on the appropriate plan immediately below (i.e. 1, 2 or 4). When ordering these plans, be careful to select the relevant options for each stage of order process.




* This plan requires a 2 year order

When opting for an advanced plan (ie 3 or 5), if you have a particularly high demand site, or require multiple databases for dynamic pages, we recommend the Business ($120 p.a.) package, i.e. "Plan 5"; however, for less advanced applications, we recommend the Personal ($60 p.a.) package i.e. "Plan 3".

To order either Advanced Plans ("Plan 3" and "Plan 5"), click on the banner below..
You will be taken directly to our affiliated site.
If you do not see "Order Step 1" displayed after 15-20 seconds, please click on the ORDER top menu bar, which will appear. Follow directions given, and under "payment plan" choose your desired web hosting package (i.e. 500MB or 1500MB). If you already have your domain name registered, select "Use my existing domain" (by clicking on either the third or first option - under payment plan).


Currency Conversion

For converting between the United States$, UK£, Canadian$, the EU€, the Japanese¥, and many other currencies, see the
Personal Currency Assistant. It will open in a popup window. Just enter the amount to be converted and choose the currency to convert from and to. Please note that the conversions do not include "buy" and "sell" margins. The conversion rates shown are indicative only, as they will not include your financial institution's buy-sell margins.




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