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To gain most from owning a web site, webmasters need to ensure their web pages are easily accessible. To a large degree, this means that a web site needs to be listed prominently on search engines - like yahoo or google. These search engines list web pages in a priority order relating to the search conditions that have been entered, and a number of factors that relate to the linking between pages on the internet (between sites), and other techniques.

To simply submit your website to a major search engine for FREE, please enter the relevant information requested here. Inclusion is not guaranteed, and may take a few weeks to appear in search engine results.

To gain a prominent listing is a difficult task, and can be time consuming. This is especially true when the content of a web page is common to many sites across the world ! Some web searches result in millions of hits, and so a potential visitor to your site will not visit unless there are other ways of bringing your pages into a prominent position on search engines. Research shows that visitors who are not seeking a specific web page use search engines to locate the web pages of interest to them. However, most visitors will only review sites listed on the first 2 or 3 pages of "search matches".

There are two obstacles to solving this problem. First, you have to know the many techniques that will move you into a top 10 or 20 position. Then, once you learn how to achieve a top search position, you have to monitor your progress - a crucial step, and it normally takes hours to do this right.
Some people reported that they would spend close to 30 hours a week checking and improving their search positions. With our product (for launch shortly) you no longer need to invest countless hours to gain a competitive advantage!
It will combine all the following features designed to launch your web site to the top of the search engine results.

We are working with our affiliate to provide webmasters with this software package. This will be available to purchase shortly, and once you have it, it will regularly work on search engine placements on your behalf to improve the chances of potential visitors finding to your web pages. You will be saved the on-going effort of developing your "search engine position".

Visit back here later to find out more, and order the package. To express advanced interest in the product, contact us

Currency Conversion

When our product is available, please use our currency converter link below to convert our price from Sterling to the United States$, Canadian$, the EU€, the Japanese¥, and many other currencies, Click on the Personal Currency Assistant. It will open in a popup window. Just enter the amount to be converted and the currency to convert into. Please note that the conversions do not include "buy" and "sell" margins. The conversion rates shown are indicative only, as they will not include your financial institution's buy-sell margins.


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